Fake Rolex Day-Date “Sertie” Watch

My dear friends , I would like to introduce you guys the Rolex Replica Watches , today’s Haute Time Watch of the Day is from The Replica Rolex Day – Date Collection, it is the Day – Date “Sertie”.

This two tone Day Date reminds me of another one that I’ve reviewed a while back . Both of these have that vintage look to them, that kind of really expensive vintage luxury feel.  If I were to choose between the two, I’d go for this one. I think the fluted bezel goes much better with the two tone yellow gold bracelet.

Meanwhile, Rolex celebrated the icon with a new release at this year’s Basel world. The Swiss brand presented the Day-Date 40, the latest generation Oyster Perpetual Day-Date, featuring a modernized design with a 40 mm case as well as a new mechanical movement, calibre 3255, which sets a new standard for chronometric performance.


Replica Rolex Date Day President replica watch takes the classic of classics and pushes the right buttons of enthusiasts everywhere . Women or men , Young or old . They all love it .

The Fake Rolex Day – Date “Sertie” is fitted with a Rolex Oyster bracelet?constructed of three-piece solid Everose gold links. This timepiece is water-resistant to 100 meters. How do you guys feel about this watch? If you like it , pls come and have a look at our store.

Let Us Cehck The Function achievement success or failure

As we all know , function is the most important thing for the watch , today let me tell you guys some good functions of our Rolex Replica Watch.

In terms of quality of replica watches, it has a very close relationship with ‘veracity’ that is of utmost importance for and has been emphasized a lot by those who would like to have a quality replica watch. To achieve satisfying believability, many factors, like the font, the hour markings, the materials, the finishing, and others, should be taken into consideration.
The weight of this replica appears to be heavier than that of replica Dayjust, because of its solid stainless steel bracelet. However, the smooth oyster strap makes it comfortable to wear.

This replica Rolex is a good example for that a lot more details have been kept in mind from the very start. It is a pretty Rolex replica watch that is well-made, well-finished, and well-conceived, as you can see.

What’s more, it can keep time precisely and only lost a dozen of seconds during my keeping it for several months.
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Replica Rolex GMT-Master II “Pepsi Bezel”

When Rolex unveils a new watch, it does it exactly when it wants to do it , and one of the models that we were hoping to see was a new Rolex GMT-Master II with red/blue “Pepsi” bezel. However, The “Pepsi” the brand launched that year elicited some rather mixed emotions at Monochrome headquarters.

You literarily need to be a watch expert to tell that this is just a clone of the authentic GMT Master II. After long hours of comparing and staring at the watch, the only difference I found was the wrong order of the hands stack. What does this mean?

The GMT hour hand should always be placed over the hour hand and not under it. My fake watch has the GMT hand under the hour hand and this is a sign that it is a replica. Luckily, not many people know this very small detail and it is also not very visible. I really do not think that anyone will ever notice it.

The replica watch sports a sapphire crystal lens and a black illuminated dial for better visibility even in low light. The display comprises triangle, round and rectangular-shaped hour-markers. The dial ensures central hours, minutes, seconds and GMT as well as a date, arranged in the aperture at 3 o’clock.

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Fake Omega Ladymatic Elegant Ladies Watch

Omega is a world famous watch brand , it is not only watch high-grade positioning and sales are great, its sales in a number of watch brands is among the top three. And Omega ‘s product series is quite clear, Constellations,  DeVille, Seamaster, Speedmaster. Omega watches series, most obviously recognizable , alone except DeVille series , so many brand design show also used in DeVille them.

This ladies’ Omega Constellation 28mm Replica watch combines classic styling with great craftsmanship. The silver-tone stainless steel bracelet supports a diamond bezel. Beneath the scratch-resistant mineral crystal is a supernova dial with luminous luminous hands. There are 12 diamond hour markers and a constellation star at 6 o’clock position.


As the first designed for women self-winding watch series Ladymatic series since 1955 and has developed quite mature and is in the backdrop of the beautiful lady has a good effect also reflect. Yep, the Ladymatic watch is so beautiful, but the price is so high, so, here we come to appreciate a replica, as same as the genuine.

And certainly we have to state that this latest iteration from the Seamaster Diver 300M Chronograph is among the best searching Seamaster 300m watches ever. The black and gray tones together with red mimic the colours from the ETNZ racing yacht.

In conclusion I am quite content with this replica. It has all the basic authenticity details and markings and it also respects the original design. A part from a couple of minor flaws it is a well-constructed replica and it serves its purpose well. I was craving for the Seamaster Planet Ocean White Ceramic model since it was first launched by the Omega Company and I am now very happy to have one just for myself.

Have A Look At Red Rolex Daytona

What is there to say about the Rolex Daytona? It is the luxury watch that during the last 50 years has become a real fashion icon, the first revolutionary timepiece that has set the standards for timeless perfection. There is no watch aficionado on this world who doesn’t appreciate it for its ultimate design and astonishing accuracy.


The Red Daytona from Rolex has been created to celebrate fine watchmaking and as a way to make a watch that was created especially for professional car drivers and their fans. It allows drivers to measure the circuit they just elapse and calculate the distance and speed, so it can be extremely useful. Here we see the watch in a beautiful stainless steel version with red hands.

If you are also an enthusiast of this gorgeous Rolex Daytona with silver dial and black and red small dials then I am pretty sure you need a reliable guideline for buying a good replica.

Keep reading to see how you can turn a risky purchase into a satisfactory one just by paying attention at the details. Comparison is everything in this business and what better way to get an almost identical knockoff if not buy comparing every part of the original watch with the one of the fake?

It has all the details and features of a Quartz  movement. Small ticking seconds hand at 6 o’clock, stopwatch function at 9 o’clock and the big seconds hand does not have that full-on sweeping motion. It’s definitely a Quartz movement and that’s probably the biggest replica give-away so far. If it would have been an automatic self-winding movement it would have a different feel and that sweeping seconds hand would have killed it.


See This Rolex Sky-Dweller Fake Watch

A cheap and good quality replica Rolex watch is always a good find and even thought this might not qualify as dirt cheap it really is a good deal when you realize that a Japanese movement, good quality, and very reasonably priced all stainless steel Rolex Sky-Dweller fake watch can look like this.


Movement is an automatic self-winding Japanese and it feels really good specially when setting the date and the 24 hour center piece. The date has such a nice click to it and the movement feels really solid because of that.

Keeps time well and has a power reserve of over 24 hours so no need to re-set if worn daily or maybe even every other day should work. Seconds hand sweeps nicely so this fake Rolex is pretty legit in my book. Just remember that the real one goes for about $33k so it’s definitely not a cheap Rolex.


It’s powered by a good and reliable Japanese Myiota movement. Power reserve of over 24 hours so great for an all day every day wear. Too bad that the center piece is just for show but I could not find this piece with that feature integrated even on the Swiss movements so to me this is as good as it gets.


I’m guessing that few really know specifics and passing it for an original should not be that hard because people also don’t expect replica Rolex Dweller watches to be out so soon. It’s more of a special occasion replica Rolex if you’re not very fancy or over casual on your everyday life. Still, it’s a good option at a fraction of a fraction of the real price.


Fake Rolex Daytona Black Ceramic

The new Rolex Daytona replica watches have a good a fresh look and it feels like they’re complementary to the older vintage models. I like how Rolex combines the new and old models and the brand has such a good flow that you won’t say that models are competing among themselves though they kind of are.

This replica Rolex Daytona is the perfect example for the statement above ad the new ceramic black bezel that Rolex has been putting out for a while is making its way though onto the vintage but slightly redesigned fake Daytona watches.


Black on black I’d say or at least almost there but this black ceramic imitation bezel and the black dial really give this replica Rolex Daytona watch a different look and feel don’t they?

You either like it or you don’t that’s pretty much how I see it. Or there’s usually an adjustment in opinion in time but the first impression is always one or the other. I think it’s a cool watch even though I couldn’t find an original to match it 100% but with the new wave of ceramic bezels from Rolex you really have to know your stuff and be a passionate to exclude this one out.


Seconds hand has a good old fashion sweep from the Japanese automatic movement so it’s all good on the inside too. Case, crown and screw-in pushers are just like the originals too so nothing to give it away there either. The dial has a good feel and looks too so if I’d see one of these replica Rolexes out I’d be eyeballing at it most probably since it’s a new looking piece for me.

The Replica Rolex Explorer is meant for the adventurer !

When climbers Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay became the first human beings ever to reach the peak of Mount Everest they were both equipped with a Rolex Oyster Perpetual chronometer.  To commemorate the monumental feat, Rolex created the Rolex Explorer in 1953. Improving upon the Perpetual using the intelligence gathered form the Hillary and Norgay expedition.

Fake Rolex watches are my some of my favorites, and you can notice that only by reading the multiple reviews for Rolex models. These definitely are some of the best watches for men and must-haves for any watch aficionado. This Explorer II Rolex replica belongs to one of my friends. Since he lives in another state, he only sent me some pictures, so I didn’t get to see it.

I can deliver to you, guys, a complete review. He’s a professional photographer, so that helps. In the watch movements section, I will tell you what I know from the owner of the watch. What you should know about the Explorer collection is that there are currently two models: the Explorer and Explore II. The first one was released in the late 1950s. The first Explorer is 39 mm, while the second one is 42 mm, bigger and bolder.



The dial on this Rolex Explorer is completely immaculate and like such a large number of R and L-arrangement pieces, it shows no maturing. It doesn’t gleam by any means, however it’s fresh white and matches the hands delightfully. Everything on the dial is printed and on account of the numbers, secured in tritium. The printed dial text style looks like something out of the 1960’s without a doubt and as said in my underlying section, probably looked decidedly dated by the late 80’s – in any case, absolutely not old fashioned.

Finishing off the Rolex Explorer may be one of what history’s most prominent domed precious stones. From top caps to super vaults, cool precious stones are synonymous with vintage Rolex and whatever this focal point is called, it’s a decent one. The precious stone on the Rolex Explorer mixes so impeccably with the fluid like types of the cleaned case and bezel and really moves a somewhat starkly dialed watch into something that I’d really allude to as hot. Yes, trust it or not, a precious stone can accomplish this level of impact. Furthermore, that is definitely why it’s such a flat out tragedy, to the point that the greater part of Rolex Explorer ’s available are fitted with Rolex-issued administration precious stones that aren’t domed by any means.

Rolex Day-Date All Stainless Steel Replica Watch

What a better way to start something new as in the new year than with something old and vintagy as this Day-Date replica Rolex watch. Yes, there’s a little sarcasm in there but also a lot of truth. I believe that old will always blend in with the new and I keep referring to this Rolex replica as old because design and looks bring it from a few decades ago when all watches were simple and classy and this was one of the flagships.


I haven’t reviewed a lot of replica Rolex Day-Date watches mostly because of my preference for more hip and new watches. I do recognize their classic and classy power and looks though, and every time I see an original or a good fake out there I like them. They’re such an easy and simple watch to have that don’t scream out a lot of attention but they do the trick and they add class to the ones who wear them.

As simple as they get but yet again as classy and classic as they get. They’re some of the most easier watches to pass for originals and you can clearly see from this one that it’s a no-brainer. Everything is in place and the looks are there.

Roman numerals are stainless steel, white dial is as simple as can be and the day and date window are crystal clear. Fluted bezel gives it more of that old, vintage, and classic look and the two-tone brushed and polished presidential bracelet does the trick as well. Check out here the full photo review on this fake Rolex Day-Date watch.


It’s a simple and classic fake Rolex watch that you’ll be able to pass for an original most times. It has that Rolex look and feel and the polishing is good on the case and not important for this model on the fluted bezel. Click play on the video below and let me know what you think of it.

Omega Speedmaster Mark II Replica Watch

The Omega Speedmaster Mark II advertises as “true to character” on the official Omega website so I can’t find any better reason to get into today’s Omega Speedmaster Mark II replica watch video review.

Yes, we’re still buying replica Omega watches because this baby for example goes around $4k for the original and that’s the lowest price I could find on it. It’s still a lot of dough for an Omega watch while still being on the more cheaper and accessible side obviously.


Presently, Omega concocted another form of the Gray Side of the Moon, one with a shooting star dial and a Ceragold (fired and 18ct Sedna gold) bezel. This 44.25mm measurement Speedmaster wears somewhat greater than the typical 42mm Moonwatch, however at last it is extremely agreeable because of the state of the case.


Omega has designed a very wide and diversified collection of Speedmaster ’57 models. Also, the look of the classic Speedmaster has been enhanced with subtle details, like the bold black dial, the “broad arrow” hands, the brushed bezel with tachymeter scale and the straight lugs. Also, the newer version has only two small dials instead of three as the classic Speedmaster had.

To pull this change off the dial has suffered a few changes such as the placement of the 60 minutes and 12 hours counters on the same 3 o’clock dial and the 60 seconds counter on the 9 o’clock dial. The overall design of the timepiece suggests and understated beauty and high functionality.

It’s a different and more interesting replica Omega watch that’s for sure. This works to its or your advantage as wearing this baby for an original should be easy as pie. You can even mention the battery run movement and that it’s an older model and not many would know the difference.