Helloreplicawatches.info Review , Fake Breitling Bentley GT

If you are looking for an online replica store from where to purchase your fake watches then MyWatches.co might just be the right place for you. This fancy imitation watches site promises to offer us the best deals and the newest top quality replica designs. Is it really as good as it sounds? Let’s find out!

When you open Luxurywatcheshq.ca you find an exceptionally looking website. The page surprises you with a classy design, elegant details and sleek banners. This is what I like to call the „all black” part of its home page. If you scroll down you unveil a brighter part of the e-shop. The store manages to perfectly balance elegance with functionality- on the top there is a minimum of buttons and functions, whereas on the lower side we notice a stuffiness that invites you to start shopping at once.


The pictures are not one of the strong points of this company. Usually, online sites invest in making professional photos of its products to convince customers that the quality is very good, but not Swiss2013.com. This store uses pictures that clearly weren’t made in its studio. The images are copied from many different catalogs and merged together as to give the impression that it is a reputable online site.

The website supports a very wide range of payment methods. When you place an order on this online store you can choose to pay by Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Western Union and Bank Transfer. I am always very glad to find a company that understands how important it is to offer as many payment options as possible. This makes it more easy to order from and convenient for online shoppers. What I do not like is the fact that the page where you enter your card details isn’t protected by a security certificate.

This site sells many very famous brands and the selection is quite diverse. A quick look along these designer names makes you understand that this is the right place for finding your favorite replica watch. The brands are divided into sub-collections and everything is very neatly organized. This makes it quite easy to search through the designs and find the products that suit your needs best.

Replicatimes.com knows how to fake it! It fakes being an elegant website, having good quality products, viable satisfaction guarantees and after sales services. Sadly, the truth is that it fails to prove the quality of its merchandise; it provides an impossible to comply with warranty and does not have a reliable customer services.

Rolexwatchessaleinc.com Review , Replica Audemars Piguet End Of Days

In the business of imitations it is pretty difficult to distinguish what’s a decent online replica store from what’s not. Any fake watches website can be your next deception so be on the lookout and learn how to separate the liars from the straight arrows.

Rolexwatchessaleinc.com is a replica store that appeals to our love for beautiful luxury fake timepieces with its very wide selection of knockoffs and promises to deliver only high quality replicas. Are you skeptical about its potential? So am I so let’s find out more about this online merchant!


Most whitish replica stores I have seen so far are simple and beautiful because they base their appearance on a clean and elegant aesthetic, but what works for some websites is not necessarily the best choice for others. Using a white background isn’t enough to look professional and tidy. You have to balance the basic white look with complex and modern functions, enhanced and easy to use menu bars, beautiful statement banners and well dosed color accents. Rolexwatchessaleinc.com doesn’t do any of those things. Its appearance is blunt. It has that common white background, a barely noticeable menu bar and a blue banner of a Rolex Milgauss, a banner that I have seen on countless of other online replica stores.

All the product pictures posted on this website are of excellent quality. These are large photos with a high clarity that show the watches from every possible angle and also put accent on the small details and on the authenticity markings. Furthermore, due to the particular photographic style you can tell that these images were taken in the company’s own studio and that these represent its actual merchandise.

Rolexwatchessaleinc.com is one of the great companies that ship packages all around the world with the best international carriers, such as EMS, DHL, UPS and TNT. Unfortunately it does not offer free delivery. Delivering your order at your address, regardless of the destination country, is charged a flat rate fee of $19.99. Normally, it takes about 5-8 business days to deliver your order and a tracking number is provided.

Rolexwatchessaleinc.com is an Internet based replica company that at first seems professional, well organized and trustworthy. Still, after looking further into the depths of its policies, services and products we find out that the truth is very far from this false impression. Its business is more fake than its products. There are no mentions on its page about its payment and return policies, the pictures are of very poor quality, the website is full or errors and incoherencies and its customer care department shows a low responsativity. I honestly, cannot recommend this merchant as a trusted source of replica watches.

Myrolexwatchessale.com Review , Replica Omega Constellation Mens

The main reason why we all love complicated timepieces is because of the luxury granted to those wearing them. We all dream of enjoying the luxury of a beautiful watch and we will always be on the lookout for the next best source of high quality replica watches.

The brands are nicely organized into sub-categories that have the same name as the original collections, just that this doesn’t ease that much the entire shopping experience. Because there are hundreds of model in each sub-category and there is no filter or advanced search option, it is very time consuming to browse for a certain model. Going through all these pages will seriously discourage you to buy a replica from this store.


I got to hand it to it. The products are very well classified into sub-categories depending on the main characteristics, brand and original collection name. Frankly, it is the best classification I have seen so far. Indeed, what isn’t anywhere on the different filtering options is the “Swiss movement” type. Browsing through the products and noticing the $250-$300 price range, the only logical conclusion that comes in my mind is that these are all Japanese movement watches. Furthermore, the description page doesn’t reveal additional details about the type of movement these watches carry. The specifications only say “Automatic watch” or ‘Quartz watch”. There is no mention of the manufacturing country of the inside mechanism.

When you buy a replica watch online, you want to be sure that the quality is good. But how can you do this? Well, the best way is to check if there is a repairs warranty or return policy. In this case, there is a 180 days free repairs warranty which is actually pretty great and a 14 days refund and exchange policy. Of course, all the shipping back costs must be covered by the customer and in case of return, a 20-40 GBP restocking fee will be charged.

Myrolexwatchessale.com is a website which truly provides an impressive range of replica watches. Yet, when it comes down to liability it isn’t quite what we would want to get from a watch company. The big issues here are with the low usability of the website, the unfair conditions of its warranty policy, the limitations and insecurity of its accepted payment methods, the unreliable product pictures and the lack of customer service. All these Cons add up to a clear conclusion: Myrolexwatchessale.com is not a trusted replica company and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

Replica Rolex Cellini Prince watch is a top-of-the-line dress watch


For most, the phrase “luxury timepiece” brings Rolex watches to mind, and with good reason. Rolex has some of the best looking and most soundly built watches in the world, as is evident from even a glance at their Cellini line. These are watches to die for, gorgeous shapes and dials that simply must be noticed. The Rolex Cellini is a stunning and modern reinterpretation of classic design. Embodying the noble tradition of Swiss watchmaking, the Cellini from Rolex focuses on precision and elegant design over excessive adornment.


The Rolex Cellini models are a modern, yet very classic, interpretation of a dress watch, with the Geneva’s brand DNA. Rolex introduces three different versions of the Cellini: Cellini Time, Cellini Date and Cellini Dual Time. The Rolex Cellini models have a 39mm polished gold case with a double bezel, fluted and domed. The domed screw down case back also has the fluted pattern. Fully crafted from start to finish by Rolex in Switzerland, every component is a work of outstanding craftsmanship and is certified a chronometer by independent experts.


You have an obsession with perfection, and your watch is no exception. Whether you want a watch that displays one time or two time zones, with or without the date, there is a Replica Rolex Cellini for you. Replica Rolex Cellini Prince watch is a top-of-the-line dress watch, offering a striking square, Art Deco-inspired face that features two time displays, one for the hour and minute and one for the second. You can find a large selection of Replica Rolex Cellini watches on eBay to ensure your collection remains truly elegant.

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Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day Date is a watch of sheer cachet


Founded in 1905, Rolex is a trusted and respected company with a rich heritage in the world of luxury watchmaking. The aesthetics of the Oyster Perpetual models set them apart as symbols of universal and classic style. They embody timeless form and function, firmly rooted in the pioneering origins of Rolex. The Rolex Date is the first calendar watch which shows the date as well as the full day name on the watch’s face.


The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day Date is a watch of sheer cachet. Worn on the wrist of more presidents, luminaries, and members of Hollywood royalty than any other wristwatch in the world, the Rolex Day Date is made, quite simply, to inspire and lead. The Day Date Rolex range is comprised of models made from either solid 18K yellow, rose or white gold, as well as platinum. The ring binding the cover of the Rolex President watch face – the bezel – may be acquired fluted, smooth or, on the gem-set version, adorned with precious stones.


All our Replica Rolex watches are serviced and polished to like new condition and come with our 24 month warranty and “Like New for Life” policy. The similarities in materials uses and quality Swiss craftsmanship go hand in hand to produce the ultimate Rolex replica watch. Featuring 100% markings inside and out, our Rolex replicas look, feel and function identical to a genuine Rolex and feature a genuine Swiss clone movement designed to last a lifetime.


Topwatchbase.org Review , Replica Cartier Ballon Bleu Tourbillon

If elite knockoffs is what you are looking for then maybe you should check out Topwatchbase.org . This online store offers a large collection of fake timepieces at very good prices. But is the quality good enough? Well, that’s a whole different discussion that will be presented below. Keep reading to find out.

The company carries so many models that without a price filter it would literally be impossible to browse through all the designs. Luckily, the website has a price filter that allows you to enter the desired price range and it also can sort the result by prices ascending or descending. Also, the product description section is very schematic and short, but it mentions all the relevant details about these replica watches.

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The product pictures show the huge lack of professionalism this company has. These do not look at all like presentation photos meant for a catalog of replica watches. In some of the images you can see someone’s hand while holding the products, messy leather surfaces, while other images have a brown velvet background. The ones from the first category have many additional pictures that show the products from all possible sides. These pictures are quite clear and detailed. The ones from the second category are used just as the main image for some replicas that do not have additional photos. I find this big discrepancy as a clear sign of the company’s disinterest towards the quality of its products and services. I honestly doubt that the merchant cares that much about its customers’ satisfaction.

Topwatchbase.org claims to accept the following payment options: Visa, MasterCard online, JCB, American Express and Bank Wire. Unfortunately this is not at all true. Actually, it couldn’t be more false. After Checking Out, the Order Form only gives you these payment choices: Visa, Mastercard and Western Union. If you choose Western Union then you are asked to pay an additional charge of 5%. Indeed, it is difficult for a replica store to be able to process that many payment methods, but why lie about it especially if the customer will eventually find out and this always happens before submitting the order? It doesn’t make sense especially for those customers who only own one type of card, like let’s say AMEX. Those customers spend hours browsing and selecting watches and when they are finally ready to submit the order they find out that this is not possible for them because they do not have the necessary means to pay.

Topwatchbase.org has all the qualities of a sophisticated and respectable online merchant: an elegantly designed website, detailed product pictures, superior quality Swiss watches and prices that reinforce its image of an exclusive store. But when you put all this in balance with its weaknesses, you find out that its weaknesses weight more: poor customer service, a non-existing warranty, expensive shipping and unreliable payment methods.

Omgwatches.com Review , Replica Omega Constellation Ladies for sale

Now getting back to more serious things, this online replica store looks pretty professional and serious enough as to tempt us to buy a couple of its fake watches. It is neatly organized, has a clean white-grayish color scheme and features a wide colorful promotional banner. Everything you would expect from a Omgwatches.com website!

This online replica store has a pretty complex shipping policy. For example, most countries of the world can benefit from free delivery if the order is over $50. But if the order is for less than $50 then a $9.95 fee will be charged for shipping. In these cases, the orders will be shipped with Regular Mail and the delivery will take about 10-16 working days. If you need the order sooner you can choose Express delivery which starts at $19.95 depending on the weight of the package. In this case the delivery will take about 7-12 working days. All packages are shipped with a tracking number and this is supplied to the customer when the products are shipped.


Omgwatches.com is able to process payments by Visa, Mastercard, Western Union, Money Gram and Bank Wire. What I have noticed is that in the order form when you are supposed to select the desired payment option, for Visa and Mastercard there are several different conditions like “amount less than $1000” or “amount over $1500”. These options seem so complicated and confusing, especially as they refer to such a simple thing as paying with your card online. When things aren’t simple and smooth, you usually start having your doubts.

The available payment methods are Visa, Mastercard, Western Union, Money Gram and Bank Transfer. All of these options are listed in the shopping cart, but credit card ones are oddly divided into 4 check boxes depending on the maximum amount( Visa $1300, Visa/Mastercard $1300, Visa/Mastercard $1200 and Visa/Mastercard $1500). The payment methods supported by this online replica merchant are some of the most used options in the world, and are easy to access by any online shopper.

The pictures are horrible. These look as someone took them from several different catalogues and merged them together in the hope that some inexperienced replica shoppers would be fooled by the impressive number of different watch designs, and would end up purchasing these fake products anyway. The quality of the images is quite bad. These are very unclear and were obviously taken in different studios and by different photographers. From product to product, the background varies, as well as the clarity, the lightning and the angles used to take the photos. The images displayed for these replicas are quite small and there is no option to zoom in. This prevents you from seeing the details and small markings. Furthermore, the pictures are watermarked with another website’s name: Omgwatches.com

I really cannot say that I am surprised about the fact that this merchant does not have a responsive and reliable customer service. What it really provides is the appearance of a customer care department: one that is supposed to have chat and email support. Instead of this, the live chat does not work as the service has never been set up by the website’s administrator and the email is actually a very doubtful Gmail account. There is no word on the website about having any contact phone number. In no way, I would ever recommend you to shop for a replica watch online unless you are able to establish an actual conversation with the company’s customer service.

4replicawatch.net Review , Replica IWC Da-Vinci watches

We experience a new phenomenon on the market of replica watches: having a website that looks like it is UK based. So many online stores include UK in their domain name that it would appear as the whole replica industry has moved to the UK. Well, it didn’t! Almost in every single case the company is Chinese based and looking to gain extra credibility points. The same thing goes for 4replicawatch.net!

The company has very good product photos. Every replica watch features more than 10 very professional and clear images that show all the important parts of the watch. You can see small details such as the band, caseback, bezel, crystal and in some pictures the caseback is removed so it can show the inside mechanism. This is a very good thing, reinforcing our trust in the quality of these fake watches.


4replicawatch.net offers replica watches for all budgets. From $69 knockoffs to $1000 fake Rolexes, here you will find something you can afford. The replica watches equipped with an automatic Japanese movement are the ones that are more affordable and these cost $69-$300. The imitation watches that have a high grade Swiss automatic mechanism can cost from $300 up to $1000 depending on the complexity of the inside movement, on the design and on the materials used for the watch.

Returns are accepted if the order is shipped back within 8 days from the delivery. The replicas must be unworn and the customer service department needs to be contacted first so that they can provide the return details. What I find unacceptable are the high costs associated with returning the order: a $50 return fee, a 25% restocking fee and the return shipping costs. All these must be paid by the customer. When the package is received by the company, it will be inspected and after this the refund will be issued. Also, the merchant is not responsible for any lost packages so you may very well end up losing both the watch and the possibility of getting a refund. It doesn’t mention anything about having a repairs warranty.

On the top right side of the page there is a Live Chat button. You probably agree when I say that there is nothing more reinforcing when it comes to trust a replica website than a responsive and serious customer service. Well, forget about any possibility of ever chatting with this website as the Chat button is bogus. When you click it, it opens the Contact Us page. Here you see that you can contact the store only by sending an email to a Gmail account or by Contact Form.

High quality Replica Rolex Air King Watches Onlin


In 2007, Rolex launched the Air-King line, reinforcing its status as a leader in the industry. The used Rolex Air-King , known for it’s iconic and sleek design are some of the most popular luxury watches in the world. Some vintage Rolex Air-King models date back to the 1930’s and have been highly sought after ever since its early introductions. The Rolex Air King Dial, or any other style from this brand, is an investment into your overall style, and your wardrobe is worth it.


The history of the Rolex Air King price is quite simple. It is one of the most affordably-priced Rolex watches. This watch is the personification and living legacy of those brave, tough, and courageous fighter pilots of the 1930’s. Rolex Airking Blue Arabic Dial Domed Bezel Mens Watch , Stainless steel case with a stainless steel oyster bracelet. Blue dial with luminous hands and Arabic and stick hour markers. Minute markers around the outer rim.Case diameter: 34 mm. Water resistant at 100 meters / 330 feet.


High quality Replica Watches are gaining worldwide popularity in current occasions. Replica Rolex Air King, a famous series of Rolex, we offer up to 99% of Rolex Air King replica models, all in best swiss made eta movement. We promise our quality and service is better than others, Every gear and bearing rotation can show human wisdom’s achievement— precision, complex and elegant. Rolex Air-king Replica is the crystallization of tabulation technology, professional technology and aesthetic perfect embodiment.


Newarw.com Review , Replica Cartier Ballon Bleu Small

Are these replica websites meant to last just for one year? If we judge just by the name of Newarw.com then surely this is the only possible conclusion. So what happens next year? Do they shut down this site and open a new one named Newarw.com ? I mean, who would want to buy last year’s best replica watches?

Every brand is divided into sub-categories and when you move the cursor on one of the watch designer names, a list with the available collections unfolds. An advanced search isn’t available, but this isn’t really needed as each sub-category has only 10 products or so.


The watches are sold with three different types of movements: there are two versions for Asian mechanisms and one for Swiss ETA mechanism. The customer can choose between these three and the final price depends on the selected type of movement. The replicas with the most affordable Asian mechanism cost about $100-$200, the ones with the higher quality Asian mechanism are about $150-$250 while the superior Swiss ETA versions are $300-$800, depending on the design and materials used on the watch.

Newarw.com is a simple looking online replica store that uses a safe black background; many watch banners and a simplistic layout. Honestly, its appearance isn’t at all that impressive. The top and left side menu bars aren’t very noticeable or inviting. From my point of view, this replica website doesn’t look at all very professional.

The description of these replicas is sloppy and very schematic. Indeed it mentions all the important particularities of these knockoffs, but these are not very suggestive and for someone who does not know that much about replicas, it may fail to inform about the most important aspects of these watches.

Newarw.com is a replica watches website that looks good and seems like a pretty good place to purchase your favorite knockoffs, but it may turn out to be the worst decision you have ever made. Why is that? Well, this is because it lies about the payment methods it can process, it lies about providing free delivery, it does not say what shipping company it uses and how much time it takes for your package to arrive, it does not have a repairs warranty, it uses copied photos and it does not have a professional customer service. For all these reasons, I consider Newarw.com a pretty risky purchasing decision.