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I don’t consider myself a very snobbish person, but I just can’t forgive a replica watches site that doesn’t understand how important optics is in this line of business. We buy replica watches because we like beautiful watches not because of their internal qualities or extreme precision. So, for us, appearance is the main thing when it comes to deciding what to buy and from where to buy it. Of course, we also care about getting a working fake watch, but only after we are sure that its aesthetics is perfect. Today, I came across a very interesting new replica watches It looks like a very promising online store, just that at first glance you can’t help but notice its rudimentary design without any touches of professionalism or elegance. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Maybe there is more to this company than meets the eye. impresses with a very modern appearance. It looks like the ideal online replica watches store for buying good quality imitation timepieces. This opinion is reinforced by the very appealing and interactive design of the website which has five very colorful sliding banners, a simple top menu bar with links to the informative pages and a very inclusive left side brands list. The brands menu bar is so long that you need to scroll down a couple of times before getting to the end of the list.


The overall professional look of the store is also supported by the wide selection of watch designer names available here. You can choose some of the most remarkable designs launched by the most popular watch companies in the world. No doubt about this, here you will surely find the models you were looking for. carries both Swiss and Japanese automatic mechanism replica watches. The Swiss ETA automatic movement fakes cost about $300-$450 while the Japanese knockoffs are priced at $100-$150. My opinion is that these prices are pretty affordable; especially when you consider the fact that the authentic watches cost, at least, ten times more.

I don’t know about the pictures…These look a little bit shady to me. Some are very clear and professional looking with a white background while others are blurry and have a gray background. The images are clearly from different sources and have a different website name watermarked on them: . Probably, the company has changed its domain recently, but why didn’t it update the watermark of the photo? And why are the pictures taken in different studios? I recommend you to request photos of its actual watches before you order from this company.

I was surprised to see that the website has a Live Chat that says online so I clicked it. I was even more shocked to see that an agent named Grace took my conversation and was delighted to answer my questions. I asked a few things about the payment and shipping policy and afterwards got right to what interested me most- the repairs warranty. Do they have one? What are the terms? I was very impressed with how polite and friendly the operator was, but sad to discover that they offer only a 14-29 days free repairs warranty. From what the webpage says, the refund/exchange policy is 30 days so why would I want to repair my watch when I can replace it with a new one or get my money back? Review , Replica Panerai

If you are looking to buy a replica watch online then this website is as good as any other Internet store. Just ignore the very primitive design, the pixelated images and the disproportionate template. This is really irrelevant when you see all the promotional incentives scattered all over the home page. Right at the top, we have a few very colorful Easter eggs that, in fact, are buttons for pages with products on sale, below there is a text saying that all orders over $200 get a free MontBlanc pen and even lower there is the banner for the gift certificates: $10 for orders with a value over $100, $25 for orders over $200 and $50 for orders over $350. Considering all these discounts and free gifts, why should you even care about the lack of attention for the looks of the website? is a very simple looking store. This isn’t necessarily such a bad thing because its simple appearance makes the site easy to understand and intuitive. Its white background, medium size banner, slim purple menu and friendly layout make us feel comfortable when we’re visiting the site. And for any watch passionate person, the next step is to start browsing its collection as to find out if it carries that model you’ve been dreaming of for some time.


The website doesn’t have such an elegant or appealing design. It has a slightly old look due to the poor graphic- mainly the background and banners. Still, it isn’t that bad. The color scheme is gray and purple, the menu bar is simple and located on top of the page, and the sliding banner features 5 medium size pictures of famous watches. The overall appearance is a common one, but the website is quite easy to browse and user friendly so in the end it is not that bad.

I got to admit that the product description page is pretty detailed and specific. It lists all the important functions, materials, sizes, markings and aesthetic details of these replica watches, but unfortunately these are written in a very incoherent manner. is able to dispatch packages all around the world, but the delivery isn’t free. The charge applied for getting the replica watch to your door steps depends on the destination country. Shipping fees start at $20 and can reach $35. The orders are shipped with EMS or DHL and a tracking number is provided for the package. It usually takes about 5 to 10 business days to receive an order. feels like the right place to buy fake watches with Swiss automatic movement. The prices are fair, the payment options are pretty diverse, the delivery is free and the customer service is quite friendly and professional. The only thing is that this store does not offer Rolex and this may be a huge disappointment for the millions of Rolex fans out there. Review ,Fake omega for sale

I am always incredibly happy and thrilled to discover a new replica watches online site that looks professional and trustworthy. In fact, this is just what happened to me today. I was doing my usual screening for fake websites when I found this very nice looking page: . I was impressed from the first moment with its professionally designed Internet site. Its homepage is unique, elegant and light. It manages to present its self as a sleek and modern shop where you can find the most popular and beautiful replica watches. is supposed to be a modern, friendly and alluring store offering us some of the most beautiful replica timepieces, or this is what the company wants us to believe. Is it really such a great and generous source of high quality fake watches? We will soon find out!

1 sells both Swiss and Asian made replica watches. The ones equipped with an Asian automatic mechanism are called Ming Zhu movement watches and cost about $100 to $250 while the ones equipped with a Swiss ETA automatic mechanism cost about $400 to $700. The company advertises the Ming Zhu movement replica watches as being very good and precise, but, frankly, I didn’t hear a thing about the incredible performance of this cheap mechanism.

Yes, I do believe that the pictures displayed on this online store are of the actual replicas available here. I say this because the quality of the pictures is awful. Sure, the images are very carefully made as to show all the important details of the watches, the background is elegant and the lightning is pretty good, but the quality of the photos is very low. These do not look like they were taken by a professional, but by an amateur. Still, I find this very refreshing and a proof that we can trust the company and what we see in its photos.

All replica watches sold by come with a 12 months repairs warranty that covers any manufacturing defects. Furthermore, the products can be returned within the first 3 days from the delivery and a full refund will be issued. All the returned products imply a $ 30 return fee and a 25% restocking fee. Plus, the customer will have to pay all the return shipping costs.

I must admit that at first sight, looks like a pretty reputable replica watches site – it has a friendly webpage, a diverse collection of fake watches, good prices, free shipping and a satisfaction guarantee. But the store disappoints with its poor customer service, unprofessional photos, lack of alternatives for card payments and costly return conditions.

High quality Swiss Replica IWC watches online


IWC watches were first introduced to the world in 1868, when an American Engineer, Florentine Ariosto Jones decided to open his factory in Switzerland. IWC has earned its reputation as one of the world finest manufacturers of Swiss watches. Blending stunning design with precision engineering across a diverse range of watches. From durable everyday pieces and sports watches to complexities of Haute Horlogerie, IWC are, as the name suggests, world renowned for their prodigious craftsmanship.


IWC watches always stand true to the same high quality standards and are subject to the same attention to detail that they began with in their foremost years. They offer a wide range of collection – the pilot’s, Portofino, Aquatimer, Da Vinci, Ingenieur, and Portuguese which is a combination of both classical and traditional methods. They craft timepieces which are well suited for any occasion and give you a perfect look by adorning your wrist.


Apart from offering a vast selection of watches for both men and women, we also offer great after sales service to our loyal patrons.We ensure the best services using the best replica watch online. Rolex replica watches can be found everywhere, and it is essential that you can obtain the best in the marketplace today.

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Let’s begin with the design of the website . This page surely isn’t an example of professionalism or modern design. It is too simple for my liking and the whole design appears to be old fashioned. The background is white, the upper menu bar is blue and bulky, and the medium size banner is overwhelmed by the numerous sponsored products that fill the homepage. The only good thing about its design is that the list with available brands is located in the left side of the screen so it is really easy to find the desired category and start searching for a replica watch.

Each brand category includes a very large number of different models, but these are organized into collections which make browsing a lot easier. Also, the prices appear to be a little bit over the market’s average. Usually, a Japanese replica watch costs about $100-$200, but on it is $200-$350. Of course, Swiss watches are even more expensive. These cost about $350-$600 which is a lot to pay for a fake imitation product.


We observe that the page has two menus. The top side one features the main product categories, such as Swiss Replicas, Swiss Rolex, Jap Replicas, Jap Rolex, Ladies and Boxes. On the left side there are the buttons for the informative sections, like Shipping, Warranty, Payment and so on. The company carries about 40 different brands and that’s a lot. Each brand lists a couple hundred different designs, but browsing through all of them is quite smooth and easy as these are already organized by gender and type of movement.

The pictures of these fake watches are very nice. The quality is impeccable and the clarity is surprisingly good. Each product features about 10 high quality photos that focus on all the important parts and details of the watches. You can see everything from the shine of the crystal to the way the watch looks on the wrist because there are even pictures with the replica on an actual wrist. Clearly, these photos were taken by a professional photographer and display the merchandise stocked by this merchant. I have noticed that the pictures do not have a watermark so anyone could copy the images from this store. My advice for is to consider protecting its photos by adding a watermark.

The prices for the replica watches listed on are suitable for all types of budgets, from the most modest ones to the most extravagant. For instance, the knockoffs equipped with an automatic Japanese mechanism cost about $80-$200 whereas the imitation watches that come with a Swiss ETA automatic movement are $250-$400.

The website has numerous pictures for all its replica watches and these show various parts of the products. The problem is that there is no option of enlarging the images so you can clearly see the small details and logos. There is only a zoom option that shows just a very small part of the photo, but the magnification ratio is very low. Unfortunately, it is not enough for showing the important design particularities of each knockoff. Review , Fake Panerai for sale

When you decide it’s time to buy a new replica watch, do you already know what model or brand you want to get? Or do you decide after checking the available models and prices? In case you fall in the second category, I know a website that has a very wide selection of replica watches, giving you the possibility of choosing from a large selection of very popular and beautiful designs. The name of this website is and below you can read my thoughts on its products, prices and services.

As I was saying before, there are two menu bars. One at the top with the buttons for the following categories- Japanese watches, Swiss Watches, Women’s Watches, Men’s Watches, Payment, Shipping and Contact Us. Whereas in the left side of the screen there is an all brands menu which includes a very long list of available watch companies. The thing is that Rolex is missing. Out of the very diversified and wide selection of replica timepieces, Rolex is the only one that isn’t available. I find this odd as it is the most popular brand around.


The company lists a very large selection of brands and each one includes many different models, some of the most popular designs launched by the original companies. Most categories have a couple hundred fake products and these are divided into sub-collections, but the browsing of all the items is still very tiresome. This is because there is no option of filtering the products or searching for a specific style by using an Advanced Search.

The prices are pretty low. Also, please note that these are displayed in GBP. All the replica watches available here are equipped with a Japanese automatic movement and the prices vary from 90 GBP to 120 GBP. This is a pretty affordable price range, one that would tempt even the most prudent fake watches shopper. And judging just by the pictures, these knockoffs are definitely worth the money.

The accepted payment methods are a very important part of any online order. You can’t order on a website if it doesn’t provide the right payment options. is that type of store that accepts only Visa and Mastercard payments. It does not offer the alternative of paying by Bank Wire, Western Union or Money Gram. And what’s even more shocking is that the page where you are supposed to enter your card details isn’t secured by a security certificate. This means that your info isn’t protected. A protected page should have https at the beginning of the link.

The thing that I do not like on this site is that it does not say a thing about its return policy or about its repairs warranty. I have read the entire website and I only found a reference on the FAQ page about the fact that a refund is available, but it does not give any details about this policy. Nowhere does it mention how many days starting with the delivery date you have to send the replica watches back for a refund, replacement or repairs. Review , Replica Bell & Ross for sale

I don’t know about you, but I sure love finding new and reputable stores where to order my replica watches online. This allows me to diversify my collection with the most popular and beautiful fake timepieces out there. The trick here is to search for websites that offer fair prices, good quality and excellent services. How do you know where to look and how to identify them? Keep reading and I will tell you all about it.

We shouldn’t judge an online store simply by appearance because we may miss out on some great replica watches. At first impression, looks like a very unfriendly and unprofessional company. But when you start exploring its products and reading its policies you see it in a completely different light. Of course, it has some Cons like the different product pictures and high prices. But the Pros seem to weight more- Swiss replica watches with Valjoux movement, worldwide delivery, diverse payment methods, 7 days return policy, 2-4 years free repairs warranty and a professional customer service.


The company offers customer services by phone, email and chat. The phone number is from USA, it has 4 extensions for different departments- sales, support, returns and wholesale- and it is toll free. The page lists 3 different email addresses: one is for sales, one for support and one for wholesale. There is also a contact form included on the page. I have noticed the chat button on several sections of the site, but when I was visiting the store this said “Offline”, but judging by how diversified the contact options are, I tend to believe that this company really is reputable. offers a 7 days refund policy and a one year free repairs warranty. The thing is that if you wish to return a replica watch for a refund or exchange then you must pay all the return costs plus a $20 restocking fee. Another important thing is that the company has a 12 months free repairs warranty which covers any manufacturing defects. Unfortunately, it does not cover any water or wear and tear damages.

The store offers a 1 one year free repairs warranty that applies for all replica watches that have a manufacturing defect or do not function as mentioned on the website. Of course, all return fees must be paid by the customer. There is also a 7 days refund or replacement policy. The knockoff can be returned if you aren’t happy with it, but a 25% restocking fee will be deducted from your card. Also, for replacements no discounts can be applied and a $25 shipping fee must be paid by the company so they can ship you the replacement watch.

Never buy knockoffs over the Internet unless you first speak to a customer care agent. When you purchase replicas there are so many things that could go wrong that you need to be sure that at any time the company will be there for you. This is possible only if it offers responsive and professional customer service department. And this means quickly and friendly services by phone, emails and chat. doesn’t offer such a thing. You can only send an email and wait until you get an answer. There is no option of calling its agents or chatting with them live.

Patek Philippe replica watches are of unparalleled quality

Patek Philippe was founded in 1839 in Geneva, Switzerland and has since come to be considered the world’s most prestigious watch brand., located in Geneva and the Vallée de Joux . They have designed and manufactured some of the most complex and expensive mechanical watches ever. Made from solid gold and high-quality materials, the thing that makes watches from this Swiss company so extremely special is that they are limited, exclusive, unique, and the epitome of handcrafted excellence. These watches are made for true enthusiasts, for those who genuinely appreciate the fine and beautiful craftsmanship that goes into watchmaking.


Patek Philippe has been owned by the Stern family since 1932. It is presently run by Thierry Stern. No other watch brand compares in prestige to the storied Patek Philippe. Most Patek Philippe watches that yield not-so-small fortunes during auctions as extremely rare, often unique pieces made for special collectors. Patek Philippe watches virtually epitomize classic good looks, and are often a gold standard for containing the most desired watch complications. The universal appeal of Patek Philippe watches gives them the ability to look good on every wrist and every fashion.


Our replica Patek Philippe is high quality but low price and most durable replicas available, they are almost the same as genuine. Our Patek Philippe replica watches are of unparalleled quality and endurance. They are not in the shade of their authentic watches from performance price ratio point of view. If you have dreamed of owning a Patek Philippe watch but will never ever afford it, then a Patek Philippe replica watch will be your best choice.

3 4 6 Review , Replica Panerai for sale is quite discrete when it comes to its return policy. It avoids giving more information about the conditions of returning the replica watch for a full refund, replacement or repairs. It only mentions that you can send the products to its warehouse within 15 days from the delivery date, but it doesn’t explain who will pay for all the return shipping charges, if there are any restocking fees and if there is a repairs warranty. I don’t approve of stores that aren’t crystal clear about their policy. This makes me think that they limit the amount of information they disclose with the purpose of avoiding to refund, replace or repair the replica watch.

The company accepts payments with Visa, Mastercard and JCB. I consider these options as being the most easy to use and accessible. Pretty much everyone has access to at least a couple of them. Plus, when you pay by card you have the certainty that the transaction is secured by your bank. If something wrong happens you can instantly contact your card issuer and ask him to reverse the transaction.

3 lists all its prices in GBP as it addresses customers from UK. The company carries both Swiss automatic movement replica watches and Japanese self-winding fake timepieces. The first category is a little bit pricier. These watches cost about 200 GBP- 400 GBP while the second category represented by the Japanese replicas cost about 70 GBP-150 GBP. The significant price difference is justified by the superior quality of Swiss watches.

I can spot poor quality product pictures from miles away. Unfortunately, this replica watches online store is one of the merchants who use images that were taken from several different catalogs. If you take a quick look at the photos you will also spot the differences in terms of photographic style, quality, lightning and details. Plus, the images are watermarked with the name of another website-

The company sends packages all around the world, but it does not offer free delivery. The packages are shipped for a flat rate fee of $25. No matter if you are from USA, Europe, Asia, Africa or Australia, you pay the same and the order is delivered in 7-14 business days by EMS. In case, EMS can’t deliver to your location then the package will be sent with DHL, UPS, TNT or Fedex. Of course, you will have to pay an extra charge, but at least you will get it sooner.

I honestly believe that no one should ever order a replica watch online without prior talking to the company’s customer service department and clarifying all his doubts about the quality of the products, security of the transaction and complying with the policies. This is why I now tell you that if you find a company like this one that does not have a contact number or chat service, do not overlook this aspect. Send a message by using the contact form or the Gmail address and wait until you get an answer. Make sure all your worries are clarified. If you do not get an answer then move further with a different fake watches store. Review , Replica Audemars Piguet does not even look like an online store. It rather looks like a blog. And frankly I do not understand how it can have such a sloppy and unfriendly appearance. It is probably because the homepage is too crowded with its oversized banner that features too many designer watches, the numerous large brads logos and the bulky texts. It isn’t such a complicated website, but it is too messy for my liking.

The menu is located somewhere in the upper left side of the page. Yes, those small gray texts are actually menu buttons. You weren’t expecting this, right? From there you can start browsing the Rolex category, the “Other Brands” or reading the informative pages. The color scheme is black and gray with a few red accents, on the top of the screen there is a small square banner and the rest of the page is filled with dull text. The most interesting thing here is the announcement they make right on the center of the homepage: “We are NOT affiliated with any other site. We do NOT offer or sell Replicas made in South Asia. All our replicas are precise quality timepieces made by Swiss jewelers.” They seem to care a lot about making this clear. It shows commitment for their products and reputation.


All orders are dispatched with EMS, UPS, FEDEX or DHL and the shipping fee depends on the destination country. Good news for USA customers, delivery to this country is completely free. For other countries there is a flat rate shipping fee of $50. The estimated delivery time is about 2 weeks and usually needs about 2-3 days to have the watch ready for dispatch. Needless to say, all orders are sent with a tracking number that can be used to trace the package online.

I was impressed with the pictures I found on this website. Each image is very clear and has a high resolution. It is that type of professional and good quality photo that allows you to see every single detail of the product. Also, the merchant shows a very high attention for presenting all the important angles and parts of these replica watches. Things like the texture of the dial, the shine of the bezel, the logos on the clasp and caseback are nicely presented. The pictures are a very nice preview of the quality offered by this company. is able to dispatch packages worldwide and the delivery is free of charge. Isn’t this great? No matter what or how many replica watches you buy, the company will not charge you for delivery. The package will be sent out with EMS and the estimated shipping time is about 10 business days. Naturally, a tracking number will be sent to you by email so you can follow the progress of the package online.

If you are interested in ordering fake watches from this company then you should know that it only takes credit card payments- Visa and Mastercard. It doesn’t accept any other forms of payments, such as Western Union, Bank Wire or Money Gram. I know that these days, everyone has a Visa or a Mastercard and can pay by card, but I just don’t feel secure when I see an online store that doesn’t offer alternative payments methods. A limited selection of payment options feels very unprofessional, from my point of view.